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The Weber Spirit gas grills are the cheapest amongst all the other Weber grills. The Weber Spirit E-210 is in fact the cheapest and the most affordable amongst all the Weber grills. Yes it is an entry level grill but in fact without the entry level tag if you examine the internal components closely especially in terms of quality. In fact, it comes with all the acessories and components you require to grill basic things with the exception of certain accessories like a rotisserie kit that you need to purchase separately.

weber spirit e-210

weber spirit e-210


I have reviewed a lot of grills out there and I must say that even though this grill is the bottom of the line model it is an excellent grill.

You can have a look at the Weber Spirit E-210 above with the grill lid pulled up.

What I like About This Grill

Decent Quality Materials and Built

Sure, the Weber Spirit models are made in China but the quality is still better than grills made in China by other brands like Char Broil. I’m sure there Weber still emphasizes quality despite using cheaper metal parts. Basically, the entire grill is made from porcelain coated steel. The porcelain coating does improve its durability somewhat but bear in mind that if the porcelain layer gets stripped off then you might run into trouble with rusting. Other parts are made of stainless steel and cast aluminum. You can say this whole grill is made of mixed metal types but it is still more durable than grills made from other brands. The Weber Spirit E-210 is definitely still built to last.

As for the internal components, the two 13,000 BTU burners are made of stainless steel while the cooking grates and flavourizer bars are porcelain coated. I was quite surprised to find flavourizer bars in this model when I reviewed it. But it sure does make your food taste a whole lot better; there is so much more grilled flavour to it.

Of all the parts of this grill, the internal components are made to last longer than the external built. So don’t forget to clean and maintain this grill.

Excellent Grilling

The total 26,000 BTU heat output from the 2 stainless steel burners is sufficient to heat up the entire cooking area without any problems. One thing that I really like is the heating is even enough and consistent. It gets hot pretty quick too! My only comment is that the left part might be a little colder than the rest but it is no major issue IMHO. Overall, for its 458 square inches of cooking area, the heat is maintained pretty good. As with most other Weber grills, the E-210 is energy efficient.

Weber has also implemented a pretty good grease management system to reduce flare-ups . The flavourizer bars add more aroma and flavour to your meat.

Ignition is really quick thanks to the push-button ignitor. I would think that the hood mounted thermometer is accurate for direct cooking but not so good for indirect cooking. Despite that, the thermometer is accurate enough for you to get an impression of when to flip our burgers or steaks over to avoid overcooking.

Entry Level Grill – Might need to Invest In Accessories

As mentioned earlier, the Weber Spirit E-210 is an entry level grill without any cool accessories. There are a few things you can get like a rotisserie kit. It is big enough for me. I wouldn’t want a grill that is too big to store.

Here are a few things you might consider getting along with the Weber Spirit E-210:

  • Weber Premium Cover
  • Weber Stainless Steel Cooking Set

But if you do need a larger cooking space consider something like the 3-burner, Weber Spirit E-310.

My Final Verdict

If you are wondering what sort of grill to get especially if you have no previous grilling experience, the Weber Spirit E-210 is an excellent choice. Seriously, you don’t need to invest in an expensive grill to grill better. Besides, all you need to do is to give it some TLC to ensure that it last as long as it can. Even if you do run into problems, Weber’s customer support will be there to help.


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