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The Weber Q120 gas grill was initially called the “Baby Q”. This model that you see here is the revamped version of the old Weber Q120 gas grill. It might look like a small portable gas grill but it has a very generous cooking area of 189 square inches. In fact, the Weber Q family has many siblings and this is one of them. The closer related Weber Q100 is another one that is also featured as the best portable gas grill here. In fact, in terms of features there are more similarities than differences. The Weber Q120 is also very popular amongst campers, hikers and tailgaters thanks to its portability but it has competition. I will tell you more at the end of the article.


weber Q120 gas grill

weber Q120 gas grill


Features of the Weber Q120 Gas Grill

This portable Weber grill is decent looking and it has that “Weber” look to it. You will not mistaken this grill for any other brands.  If you are thinking of getting this for any of your camping, hiking or tailgating trips, this is what you will get out of the box:

  • Cast aluminum lid and body, making it lightweight and easy to bring around – if you are curious about the weight, it weighs approximaltey, 31 pounds (Not the lightest I must say…).
  • Durable design that will definitely last a long time. This thing won’t dent easily
  • A decent sized cooking area of 189 square inches
  • Cooking area uses porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates – excellent heating and grilling
  • Burner used here are made of stianless steel and operates at anoutput of 8.500 BTUs. Not much but Weber has made its design heat efficient enough to use less gas, so more savings on your gas tank!
  • This model uses wide temperature Control Valve and electronic ignition (push button piezoelectric).
  • *The new and improved Version has a taller lid. (Most customers who own the older model were complaining of a short lid.)
  • Two foldable side tables to place your plate or whatever cooking utensil you can think of.
  • NO PROPANE TANK – so please get one yourself!

I won’t go through more features here but I will give my own personal opinion after using this grill for a while.


Things I Like About This Grill

1. Excellent Grilling, Good Heat Efficiency

I know I must have said this a lot but I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true, won’t I? The truth is this gas grill certainly grills fantastic T bones, sirloin steaks, corns, fish, chicken… you name it. It gives that nice searing marks and it has enough room to cook for a max of 4 people to eat in one sitting( if the portion is small-med) or a max of 2 (if the portion is large). It also depends on the size of meat you are cooking. Oh the seared marks are also excellent on the Weber Q120.

The porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates is the best to use in terms of heat energy transfer. I would say, that it won’t cook for a large group of people.

I’ve also compared the amount of gas it used compared to my old Char Broil and it certainly beats it flat.I also love the electronic ignition feature. All you got to do is “push the button” and you’ve got your grill up and running instantly!

2. Portability

In terms of portability, the Weber Q120 is easy to move and setup. Some of you might wanna invest in a Weber Q rolling cart if you want more mobility but its entirely up to you.

BUT…At 31 pounds, it is certainly NOT the lightest and most portable gas grill around. The Fuego Element Portable weighs only 15 pounds and I would say that the Fuego Element beats the Weber Q120 flat. I would definitely choose to bring the Fuego element instead for my hiking and camping trips as it is lighter and easy to carry around thanks to its briefcase concept design.

3. Easy To Use

One of the things that I like about Weber grills is that they are easy to use and you really don’t need to own a gas grill to learn how to use it. The push button piezoelectic electronic ignition is one of the best things to have here. All you got to do is own one, get a propane gas tank attached to it and play around with the control valves and start grilling!

My Final Verdict

I would say that the Weber Q120 is a great grill if you look past the weight issue. Some won’t even mind carrying around 31 pounds of grilling equipment as long as the grillin experience is excellent. Some would even prefer it to be heavy to make them feel like they are having a quality product. The only think I like to comment is that it is a bit expensive for a portable grill. I think this is most likely due to the fact that this grill is good quality and is made by Weber themselves.

Overall, the Weber Q120 makes it to my Top 5 List of Most Wanted Portable grills. Ok, that’s enough for today.


Check out the full product below!!