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This is the smallest of the Weber “Q” gas grill models but this is a clear winner in the portable gas grill department. It is made of quality materials and affordable. You don’t need to know anything about gas grills to set it up. There are easy instructions to tell you what to do if you feel lost. For those who like to grill in small places, on the patio, backyards, camping grounds, tail-gate party or even by the beach, this gas grill is FOR YOU!


weber Q100 gas grill

Weber Q 100 gas grill


What I Think About The Weber Q100 gas grill

It is Cheap!

I don’t get to say this a lot with so much excitement unless:

  • It is a good grill with quality built and use quality materials.
  • It grills well!

The Weber Q 100 does it all and the price of just under $130 is insane IMHO. This is the cheapest portable gas grill you can get from Weber. If you are having any doubts about investing in the Weber Q 100, I can assure you that you just have to stop worrying and get it for yourself and try using it. You will have no regrets!

Don’t be Fooled By 8.5k BTU, it is ENOUGH!

Seriously, 8.5k BTU is not much even for a grill of this size. I was thinking how could Weber design something that generates so little heat output. I was proven wrong very quickly the moment I started grilling my shrimp kabops and salmon. With a pre-heating time of about 8 minutes, I was able to get all the seared marks with them and just about any food I tested with ie i.e steaks, burgers and all of them have that nice seared taste.

It also uses far less gas than I can expected. Given the fact that it only uses 8.5k BTU, I sort of expected it but not that much. It took me about a month to use my 5lb propane tank even with a grilling frequency of twice a week. I was amazed.

The other reasons why the Weber Q 100 is such an efficient grill is because of the

  • heavy cast iron cooking grates
  • good seal with the lid closed

On that last point, be careful not to let the wind blow directly at the grilling surface when the lid is open, otherwise you will lose quite a lot of heat and will need to wait again before it reaches maximum heat.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning the Weber Q 100 is a breeze. After each use, warm soapy water is enough to clean the heavy cast iron grates. I would advise you NOT to use any abrasive tools to scrap the grates as it is also porcelain coated and if you lose that coating, you are in trouble. The removable drip tray also makes it easy to get rid of cooking residue, dirt or material collected there. After 2 years of using the Weber Q 100, I still can say that it has the shine when I first bought it :)

Quality Materials

Most of the Weber Q products are made of glass reinforced nylon frame and cast aluminum. The Weber Q 100 is no exception to this. The choice of material used for its construction makes it lightweight enough to be carried around while ensuring it continues to be durable.


What People Think About The Weber Q 100

There are plenty of positive comments and feedback for the Weber Q 100. You can view all of it here. 

Here are some customer’s opinions on it:


“This is a very nice grill. It is great for camping. Surprisingly lightweight and grills just as good as the large Weber gas grills. If not for my friend who is still using it, I would not have bought it.”

“Don’t even consider other brands! This is an awesome grill with great quality!. Very happy with the durable construction and grilling quality. Weber has made every effort to minimize flare-ups. The low heat setting also makes cooking very easy.”


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