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Some gas grills are very well equipped with all the tools you need to BBQ all sorts of food. Some are just short on cooking tools. But all gas grills need accessories to help with maintenance. Accessories are also used to help with cooking a range of foods like a whole chicken, mushrooms, marshmallows and a whole lot other things. Here on this list, you will find the Top 5 Gas Grill accessories you need to hopefully enjoy grilling every session!

Rome’s Chrome Plated Steel Extension Fork

The first on our list here is a Chrome Plated Steel Extension Fork from Rome Industries. Rome Industries specialize in making a variety of camping, cooking and grilling tools. This fork is pretty long but it is sturdy enough and strong enough to pick foods up. In fact, these forks can be used not only for gas grilling but also over a charcoal grill. It is also a very versatile fork that can be used to pick up just about anything except for big pieces of chicken or steak.

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Extra Long Stainless steel BBQ tongs

For those of you who hate going near the heat and high temperatures while grilling, this BBQ tongs is a lifesaver. There are very well made, made of stainless steel and long enough to grab your items from far so that you won’t grill your hands at the same time. It grasps food easily without losing grip on your food. It also opens and closes easily with a single click. The company has made it very easy to unlock and lock this BBQ tongs mechanism with just one hand. Definitely a must have if you have one old lousy BBQ tong at home.

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Weber 21 Inch Brush

This Weber Brush is a great addition to your grilling tools especially if you have no idea how to get into those hard to reach places while cleaning them. This T brush has stainless steel bristles that can clean your porcelain enameled surface without scratching it. Its 360 degree wrap of bristles also help ensure that you get all-round cleaning while you reach those sharp corners on your gas grill or in between rods etc. Its black resin handle makes it comfortable to grip without slipping off your hands.

Best of all, this Brush cleans great! You will get best results cleaning a warm grill. Expect a clean, “new” finish to your grills with this brush.



Weber Professional Grade Stainless Steel Set

Don’t want to get individual tool sets? Then get a whole stainless steel set from Weber instead! You will be impressed with how professional this set looks like once you buy it. This tool set may be from Weber but they are great for just about any gas grills. Basically it comes with:

  • Lockable Chef’s tongs
  • 18-inch two prong fork
  • 18-inch spatula.

Each of them is made of high quality stainless steel that will last a long time. The two sprong fork and spatula is long enough to keep away from the heat while grilling.

Worried about washing? Just put all of them in a dishwasher and your troubles will be over. This is a highly recommended product if you don’t want to get individual forks, sprongs etc…

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