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Weber gas grills are widely known the world over for their quality gas grills and their large range of grills to choose from. Unfortunately, there are just too many different gas grills. This article specifically covers large Weber gas grills and not their portable ones. For the portable gas grills, you will need to read this article here on Weber portable gas grills.

weber summit

Weber Summit Gas Grill

For those who don’t know too much about their grills, it is easy to get yourself confused with the bewildering choices available. To begin this article, let me introduce to you the three different types of large gas grills offered by Weber.

  • Weber Spirit Gas Grills
  • Weber Genesis Gas Grills
  • Weber Summit Gas Grills

So how do we know what to choose? The easiest way to distinguish and probably the best way to put yourself in a position to decide your budget, we will talk about the differences in price first.

Price Differences

If you have walked into a grill shop, you will definitely come across these “classifications” on their range of Weber gas grills.

  • Weber Spirit gas grills are the cheapest of them all while
  • The mid-range ones are the Weber Genesis grills and
  • The most expensive group is the Weber Summit.

Weber Spirit Gas Grills

Weber Spirit gas grills are made in China. So that probably explains a lot on the cheap price tag you will come across their Spirit range.

You will not pay more than $700 at most for their gas grills and $400 for their cheapest model.

weber spirit e-310

weber spirit e-310

There are 5 different types of Spirit gas grills. Their standard grills have an “E” denoted in the model number. There are 3 models that have the E denoted on them. The remaining 2 grills are denoted by SP. These grills are stainless steel made grills, have a stainless steel built body, uses stainless steel cooking grates and are the most expensive range of all the Weber Spirit models.

Surprisingly, the overall stainless steel quality of these 5 Weber Spirit grills are good quality. If you see them, they definitely look like a solidly built grill. However, their front panels and side tables are made of less quality stainless steel. In terms of good and even heating, these grills get the green tick of approval and it will not disappoint.

The bottomline is, if you are looking for a good gas grill without the massive price tag, but still has a good quality to it in terms of construction and built, get the Weber Spirit gas grills.

Weber Genesis Gas Grills

Weber Genesis grills are the mid range or supposedly the mid range one based on the prices of Weber grills. There are about 8 different Genesis models that you can get your hands on providing if you really take grilling seriously. WHY?

They don’t come across as too cheap. In fact, their prices can go up to $1099 dollars for their top of the line range.

If you are a pro-griller, grilling enthusiasts or even a chef, the selection of grills here will delight you.

weber genesis s-330

weber genesis s-330 gas grill

Basically, there are again alphabets to denote the slight differences in each of the models. They come in either “E”, “EP” or “S” followed by numbers. The “S” types are stainless steel made grills while the “E” type grills are enameled steel body constructed gas grills with minimal stainless steel. “EP” Genesis gas grills are essentially “E” type grill with some pretty cool additions to it such as stainless steel rod cooking grates and stainless steel flavourizer bars. The “S” Genesis gas grills are completely made of stainless steel materials. It also uses stainless steel cooking rod cooking grates and flavourizer bars to enhance the grilling experience. The top of the line grill for Genesis gas grills is the Weber Genesis S-330.

Can’t wait to get your hands on one of these grills? You should check out our Top Genesis Gas Grill Pick

>>> Weber Genesis E-310 Gas Grill

Weber Summit Gas Grills

The Weber Summit lineup of grills is designed with the true grilling enthusiasts in mind although some of their more basic models are a little too basic and pricey to buy. Their higher end ones are the best of the best. Prices range between $1600 to about $2600. The top of the line Weber Summit grill is the Weber Summit S-670 grill.

Seriously, if you have loads of cash to spare and a real grilling fanatic or a masterchef of some sort specializing in grilling, you will not compromise nor will you save but you will only choose the best of the best grills and the Weber Summit lineup of grills will not disappoint you!

There are about 10 different grills you can find with Weber Summit grills. Two of them are insert grills while the rest are freestanding ones. They come with alphabets to annotate the differences between grills again. “E” and “S” are the annotations used. “E” refers to enameled painted grills while “S” refers to stainless steel made grill.

This is what you will expect to get from their “E” type Summit grills.

  • MADE IN USA (NOT CHINA) – explains the price difference.
  • Even, high heat from all their burners
  • Brushed stainless steel finish won’t show marks as easily
  • Quality construction of cast aluminum, stainless steel, and porcelain coated steel

The top of the line Summit E-670 or Summit S-670 is packed loaded with features. The only difference between the E-670 and the S-670 is the stainless steel body design in the S-670. They are essentially loaded with all the features you can imagine plus much more if you have the fund to spare. Expect this if you buy one:

  • Six main burners and sear, side, smoker, and rotisserie burners
  • On knob piezoelectric igniters for individual burner ignition, lit control panel, and handle mounted LED grill light
  • Back lit control panel
  • Rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner with tuck-away rotisserie kit
  • Porcelain enameled steel, cast aluminum, and stainless steel construction

For starters who want a large Weber gas grill, I suggest looking into the Weber Spirit before moving to better grills. I hope this article can help you decide better on choosing a Weber grill.

If you want an alternative to Weber but also great quality grill, check out our Napoleon gas grills here.