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The Solaire Anywhere Portable Gas grill is a relatively unknown portable model compared to other brands out there. I wouldn’t blame you for it as it is rather unattractive in design and it is also pretty expensive but nonetheless a lot of quality in its design and components.


solaire anywhere portable gas grill

solaire anywhere portable gas grill


In our review here, this is what we think of the Solaire Anywhere as a whole. These are the features:

Features of The Solaire Anywhere – Good Portability, Energy Efficient and Really Powerful!

This infrared portable gas grill by Solaire is probably one of the most portable gas grills around. And it really packs a punch for its size. This 20 lbs infrared grill gives a total output of 14,000 BTU; more than any other portable gas grill around of this size. And even if there is more, why do you need too much? Anyway, you’ll be pleased to know that it is made of high quality stainless steel which is not those cheap thin stainless steel ones. There is another option of getting an even higher quality stainless steel grade that can tolerate seawater ( the 316 one for $400)  but that is entirely up to you. With its weight and size you can take it almost anyway you want to without breaking a sweat.

You get a lot of quality, power and durability at the price you pay for this Solaire Anywhere infrared grill. It is also the only one that can be converted into a portable natural gas grill. The one thing that might put you off is the small cooking area of approximately 155 square inches and the price. It is also rather difficult to clean as the intense heat chars drippings easily. It is also rather rectanglish… and it doesn’t look all that pretty on the outside. But hey! what matters is the parts inside isn’t it?

The bottomline is that if you are thinking of something that is durable and portable, this is the portable gas grill to consider.

A Few Things That Might Put You Off The Solaire Anywhere


You cannot deny the fact that the Solaire Anywhere is a rather expensive portable gas grill. At almost $400 dollars, it certainly isn’t the amount you would expect from a grill of this size. At the end of the day, most of the price you pay for it goes into the materials and internal components.


This 20 pound grill is light. But for its size and dimensions, you cannot grill too many things at one time. I remember trying to stuff about 4 good sized steaks onto it and it just won’t fit. I had to grill for 4 people including myself and I had to do 2 rounds to get our campfire dinner ready. The good thing is that this thing heats up really quick and cooks really fast.


What Users Think

Here are what some customers are saying about it:

The infrared cooking element really does get insanely hot in about 5 minutes. I’ve made a lot of things from burgers, filet mignon, ribeye, tuna, corn on it and everything comes out beautifully. The other thing that I really like is that food really does retain its moisture better than on a convection grill. If you like to have your steak rare, this is a great grill to own.”

“In terms of fuel efficiency,it uses very little gas. I remember only using a 20 pound tank lasts half the summer with frequent grilling, which is a long time for me! “

At first I had doubts with the Solaire Anywhere but this grill is superior in quality and grills really well. Once you own one you will never go back to gas or charcoal.


You know that this gas grill definitely delivers a punch when you are grilling. You can get even more savings here for the Solaire Anywhere Portable Gas Grill