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Napoleon gas grills are Canadian made and they are really high quality grills. This model uses high quality stainless steel grade material and also comes with a heavy stainless steel cooking grate. The Napoleon M485RB is only an entry level model but mind you it certainly doesn’t come cheap. Their gas grills are mainly Canadian made, which certainly contributes to the price but also contribute to the quality of the gas grill as a whole.

Napoleon gas grills range from $900 to over $3000 for their top of the line models. Compared to other brands, you are certainly paying quite a bit more even when compared with Weber.

Napoleon M485RB gas grill

Napoleon M485RB gas grill


For the price you pay, you can expect your Napoleon gas grill to last for years to come. This model is slightly cheaper as it is Chinese made but still uses quality materials. Bear in mind the “Mirage” line of Napoleon grills are also cheaper. It is also lighter as a result. You can also expect generous cooking space plus many more optional extras you can add on ( which of course adds to the overall cost). Things like the propane tank, cover, and rotisserie kit are sold separately.

What Features Stand Out In The Napoleon Mirage M485RB?

Quality Grill In General

For a grill at this price, you should expect quality. Napoleon certainly has incorporated stainless steel tubular burners in this model, heavy stainless steel rod cooking grates and a mixed stainless steel and aluminum construct in the Mirage M485RB. You can expect this grill to last a long time and cook really well. This grill is certainly one that can withstand intense heat and grilling for a long time. The only problem that you might find is the cabinet doors are a bit poorer in quality. There are a bit lighter and some models don’t tend to close as snugly.

Great Efficiency and Heating

This is a large grill alright and the 675 square inches of cooking space gives you plenty of room to grill to your heart’s content. The heavy stainless steel cooking grates and stainless steel tubular burners will definitely outlast most other gas grills. The total output of 48,000 BTU from the main burners and 16,000 BTU stainless steel tubular burners will give you ample heat to cook a storm. There is an option to have a rotisserie infrared burner but it needs to be purchased separately.

Oh and you will love the large gas grill lid. It definitely keeps the heat in and cook your meals well. Indirect cooking and direct cooking is also great on the Napoleon Mirage M485RB.

I wouldn’t say that the heating is even all over though. The insulation is good but it certainly does not retain heat as well as I would expect for a gas grill of this price.

Something That You Should Think About

Price vs Features

Although Napoleon gas grills doesn’t come cheap, I would say that this particular Mirage model is a little short on features. Some features like the rotisserie kit needs to be purchased separately. I’m not sure I would spend extra on it. Perhaps it could. I think I would still go for a Weber in that respect, although some Genesis and Summit models are pretty darn expensive with all the features added in.


The Napoleon Mirage M485RB isn’t a bad grill. But certainly, if given a choice, I would go for a Spirit as I prefer more features to price. The good thing about the Napoleon is it a really nice looking grill with that professional feel. It also has plenty of grilling space and it certainly has quality built into it. For these few points, I think it is definitely still worth getting it.


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