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The Element Portable is one of the best portable gas grills available on the market, and it only weighs 15 pounds. I’ve ranked it as one of the Top 5 Portable Gas Grills you should have.

At first glance it sure does look strange isn’t it? But.. a closer look makes it look more like a suit or a briefcase that can be carried around easily and I mean pretty easily!


fuego element portable

fuego element portable gas grill


If you know the company Fuego, they don’t have too many models on sale. In fact, to date at the time of this article’s writing, I only know of 2 gas grills made by them. One is this portable grill while the other is the larger non-portable version of it.

But to tell you the truth, this Fuego Element Portable grill is the better of the two. It has won numerous awards and its compact design makes it a favourite amongst beachside grillers, hikers, campers and even families. It weighs only 17 pounds. So it definitely, won’t break your back.

Features To Expect With This Gas Grill

This grill comes complete with:

  • One stainless steel burner (8,000 BTU) and either a 14.1 or a 16.4 disposable LP tank. The Element Portable is sold for $150.
  • The entire grill can be folded into the size of a briefcase, and it has a silicon band that keeps it together.
  •  Other features of this portable gas grill include shoulder strap suitable for carry that is hands-free,
  • folding legs that lock in place,
  • push button ignition and
  • 159 square inches of cast iron cooking space.
  • Also comes with a built-in grease management system. Pretty impressive for a portable gas grill I must say..

What You Will Like About The Fuego Element Portable


Need I say more? Fuego has incorporated lightweight materials into the design but it certainly does not sacrifice on crucial parts like the grilling grates. The grilling grates are made of cast iron while the burners are stainless steel.


This “A” word is something that has been rather elusive to many customers especially when buying gas grills. Not only it is cheap but it grills really well. Seriously, the 25% savings will get you the best deals in the market.

Great Grill

In terms of heat output, it only generates 8,000 BTUs but for the size and its compactness, it is more than enough. Expect delicious tasting steaks and burgers in a very short grilling time. Just make sure you don’t get too addicted to grilling ;)

Easy Setup

I can tell you that this is a very important feature. Having a powerful portable grill that is difficult to setup is almost equivalent to junk. No one wants to spend 15 minutes, not even 10 minutes to setup a grill while tailgating or camping or hiking. The lock-in folding legs, shoulder strap for easy carry and the silicon strap are great features to have while carrying it around and setting it up.


Video Review Of Fuego Element Portable Grill

Check It Out Here!!


Things You Might Need to Know

Small Cooking Area

For a grill this size, don’t expect to grill a whole lot in there. You might need to grill a few rounds if you are thinking of preparing a big meal. So don’t place too many pieces of chicken wings or steak in one go!


I wouldn’t say that this grill doesnt last long but it certainly take a beating. Don’t apply too much pressure or weight on it while carrying it around and handle it with care.

Grease Management System

I think this is the only design problem I can find. The grease catcher doesn’t actually contain the grease properly. I had a nasty experience of having my pants covered partially in chicken grease thanks to the grease catcher not performing as well as I would expect.

My Final Verdict

I know I might have sounded harsh on the previous paragraph but in short, the Fuego Element Portable is a great grill. It grills well, is very portable and convenient for tailgating, hiking, camping etc and is affordable.

Do yourself a favour by researching more about this grill here!