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We all know Cuisinart is synonymous with kitchen products like blenders, espresso machines, coffee makers, toasters and a whole bunch of things. Cuisinart’s entry into the gas grill area is not as extensive as other brands but they have certainly introduced some fairly good portable models. There aren’t too many around in the market though. only 2 portable Cuisinart grills are in the market at the time of this writing but I wouldn’t say if they might come up with more products.


cuisinart cgg200 tabletop gas grill

cuisinart cgg200 tabletop gas grill


The Cuisinart CGG-200 Tabletop grill is one product that is pretty popular in the portable gas grill department. Plenty of favourable reviews and comments are associated with this model.

My personal experience with this grill has been pretty good so far although I don’t use it too often nowadays. In fact, my nephew and niece plays with it more often than me!

So… is it that good? is it worth getting?Let us check out the features below.

What I Like About The Cuisinart CGG-200 Gas Grill

Pretty Large Cooking Area

No doubt after using it for about 7 months, I do enjoy it for several reasons and one of them is the large cooking area. It is decent enough to cook for 4 in one go. I can put in a couple of burgers, some vegetables and maybe a steak in one go here. The grill is powered by a singular loop burner with a maximum output of 12,000 BTU. I wouldn’t say it is HUGE but sufficient. There are other portable gas grills that generate more heat output than this.

Easy Setup

Almost all portable grills are easy to setup. This grill is a bit on the big side but despite that, it is still easy enough to assemble and disassemble. The folding shelves and integrated handles make it easy to carry around.


I am very pleased with how my meals turn out with the Cuisinart CGG-200. A quick twist of the ignition system starts the grill. This grill uses Cuisinart’s TwiStart ignition system. The heat output is a bit small but it heats up quickly enough to cook my steaks and burgers. The beauty of this grill is that it does not use too much propane or gas, which is great in terms of efficiency. This grill is great for camping trips or family outing trips or on the patios. It is a bit big for tailgating purposes. The integrated temperature gauge works is a great component to have while cooking. I’ve compared it with another temperature gauge and it definitely is accurate. One thing to note here is that you might have problems cooking at night with this grill. There also isn’t enough room to cook too large a chicken in here.

Easy Cleaning

I was actually quite dubious about the grease management system. Some of the internal components did not look too easy to clean if particles or food stuff gets stucked to it. But I was quickly convinced that all the grease and drippings go into the grease tray or burns off easily. The grates can be easily removed and cleaning is a breeze. I do however advise you to routine clean and maintain it otherwise it might loose its shine and you don’t want any rusted components inside.

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What I Thought Could Be Better


I disagree with comments of it being very portable. 35 pounds isn’t portable enough for me. In fact, there are a lot of other portable gas grills that have superb heating but weighs almost less than half of it like the Fuego Element or O-grill 3000.  It is a bit on the heavy side so i wouldn’t suggest lugging this around to go grilling in the woods…

Seared Marks

Some of you need to know that this grill just doesn’t produce those seared marks on your steaks or fillets. I would have thought that the temperature would be enough but I believe the problem is that it just doesn’t heat up fast enough to produce those seared marks.

Customer Comments 

 “For the price you pay, this Cuisinart CGG-200 gas grill is very well designed. I must say I prefer it to my portable Weber. It is portable and uses quality materials in its construction. After several years using grills, i know one that has quality and this definitely fits the bill.”

“I was very pleased with the way it cooks and how evenly it heats. Was also  pleasantly surprised at the amount of cooking surface! Not bad I must say. The weight is good and is easily carried around.  The one thing I like about is you can cook from edge to edge on this grill. The clearance here is not so good if you choose to grill something larger like a turkey or whole chicken as the lid will not close.”

My Final Verdict

The Cuisinart CGG-200 gas grill is not a bad portable grill. It definitely has quality built into it and is a great choice for those who want easy setup, easy cooking with some portability mixed into it. Not for those who want a very portable grill.

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