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Tight on a budget? But wondering which gas grill to get that does not compromise on quality? You’ve come to the right place. Here we will look at the whole range of cheap gas grills on the market


Let us first start with Weber, the most popular brand of gas grills around. The thing about Weber  is that they have a huge range of grills. Broadly, you can divide them into the portable and large gas grills. Their large gas grills can be divided into Spirit, Genesis and Summit. The first one on the list here is the portable gas grills from Weber.


weber Q100 gas grill

Weber Q 100 gas grill


Cheap Portable Gas Grill by Weber (Portable/Light) – We’ll have a look at some of the more portable range of Weber gas grills for your BBQ needs. If you are thinking of portablity and Weber, click the link to find out more!

For the large grills, the cheapest Spirit grill is the Weber E-210 Enameled Painted Grill.


weber spirit e-210

weber spirit e-210


You can have a look at the link. Although it is the cheapest, it still packs a punch and it grills really well. This model is also the cheapest large grill you can ever purchase from Weber.

  • Weber Spirit E-210 Gas Grill

The cheapest Weber Genesis grill is the Weber Genesis E-310 Grill. This grill might be the cheapest but bear in mind that the Genesis lineup ain’t cheap either. The Genesis grills are more durable, more heat efficient and looks really solid. Buying the Genesis E-310 will be one of the best purchases you can ever get. Don’t be fooled by the term cheap as this thing really doesn’t look cheap anyway! Find out below.

  • Weber Genesis E-310 Gas Grill

Next, come the ultimate large grills offered by Weber, the Weber Summit. The Weber Summit series truly embodies the spirit of grilling.


weber summit

Weber Summit Gas Grill


These range of grills are the top of the line range and I must say only for those who really deserve using it i.e grilling connoisseurs and chefs. By far the cheapest but still the best in quality is this:

  • Weber Summit E-420 Gas Grill


Char Broil is another well known brand selling a variety of gas grills. Like Weber, they have a huge range of models ranging from their bistro, RED Commercial grills, RED grills, and natural gas models but the best and most affordable grills would be their infrared gas grills. Char Broil may have a lot of choices to pick but the materials used to construct them is definitely not as good as Weber. One thing you can take note is their grills heat up fast, and heats evenly. There have also very efficient heating.


char broil bistro portable grill

char broil bistro portable grill


Check out these top cheap gas grills from Char Broil:

  • Char Broil Quantum Infrared 2-Burner Gas Grill
  • Char Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Gas Grill (portable)



Cuisinart is another very popular brand that sells kitchenware but not so much on gas grills. But surprise, surprise Cusinart does have a good range of choices albeit small. If you are deciding on getting a grill from them, you should check out their ranges. If you are thinking of bring it around for BBQ sessions, tailgating, then Cusinart is a brand you should take into consideration.


cuisinart cgg-200 gas grill

cuisinart cgg-200 gas grill


They have only 2 for you to choose (sadly), but you shouldn’t be too worried about it. Their grills do a great job grilling but the material quality probably makes it one very affordable grill to own.

  • Get This Insanely Cheap, Affordable AND Portable Gas Grill


Here are other brands you can keep exploring in the meantime…


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