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The Char Broil Quantum Infrared is the most affordable infrared gas grill in the market. At just under $300, it is definitely a steal compared to other gas grills in the market today that has infrared features.

It is also one of the most popular models around with infrared features.


Char Broil Quantum Infrared 2 burner gas grill

Char Broil Quantum Infrared 2 burner gas grill


If you know something about infrared technology, you will know that it uses less fuel and heats up really high and quick. They also are pretty even in heating.

But what about this particular model, does it deliver?

What I Think Personally About This Grill

Size and Design

This medium sized grill sure does look professional looking on the outside with its clean stainless steel finish. It is the perfect grill for those who want a balance of affordablity, good grilling and easy storage (as it is not too big). It sure won’t take up too much space either so it is great for patio grilling too.

If you have seen the Quantum Infra Red Grill you can appreciate thes size of it and the modest looking cooking space of 333 square inches. I wouldn’t say it is small but it is good enough for a small BBQ party. The good thing about it is the infrared technology used in this grill allows heating temperatures to go up to 700 degrees F, which is more than enough to give you seared marks, lock in juices and a very desirable eating experience.

It is also a pretty basic looking unit without too many fancy features. The two side shelves are useful to place your food or just about any utensils you plan on using.

You should check out other features here.


The problem with most Char Broil gas grills is that it is cheap but the materials are also poor in quality. Unfortunately, the Char Broil Quantum Infrared Grill also suffers from the same problems. Poor quality 430 stainless steel makes it less durable than grills using stainless steel of the 300 series. It is certainly more prone to discolouration and rusting. The high internal heating temperatures will eventually cause problems with the metal built.

Some metals parts are thin like the stainless steel door and some parts of its frame. You will definitely need to be careful while handling and cleaning this grill to avoid causing a dent or discolour it.

Cooking Quality

The grilling quality of the Char Broil Quantum is impeccable. I absolutely love the grilling results and sear marks. You can grill just about anything on this grill. The tall lid allows you to grill whole chickens as well. Just about anything can be grilled on it. I have never had a displeased guest trying food cooked with this grill.

You probably need to be careful about overcooking as the infrared burners are powerful and can catch you offguard by being too hot and cause burns on your food.Two burners produce 21,000 BTUs on an area of 333 square inches. The efficiency of this grill also means that you use less gas.

As for even heating, almost all parts have even heating except the back corners of the cooking area. I do suggest grilling food towards the middle area of your grill to get great cooking results.

My Verdict

Overall, this 2 burner infrared grill is a great grill but just be careful about taking care of it. It certainly will not disappoint when cooking


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