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To be honest, this is a very cheap grill for 4 burners with sideburner. Doesn’t it surprise you how Char-Broil could sell this so cheap? Of all the range of Char Broil gas grills, this particular gas grill is one you should try to stay away from not because it is cheap but because the materials used is of low quality stainless steel. The metal used in this grill is thin in some parts like the lid and it does seem a little fragile in that sense.

N.B We usually don’t review a product unless we need to educate our readers more. This one certainly deserves your attention!


For such a large grill with such flimsy materials, it is one such gas grill you should try to avoid even if you are on a budget. My one advice that I give to most people is to spend a little more for quality (but not TOO high quality) rather than dealing with a product that rusts easily or breaks down on you several times leaving you with a hefty repair bill.


char broil 4 burner gas grill

char broil 4 burner gas grill


Features To Expect From This Char Broil Four Burner

Basically, this entire model comes with:

  • a max output of 48,000 BTU from all its four burners and a 13,000 BTU side burner which isn’t so bad.
  • Its porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates is good for grilling. Home Depot sells this as well but even with a good warranty, this model would not entice me to buy it because of its durability.
  • You will also get a decent sized 480 square inches of primary cooking area and a 205 square inch area for a warming rack.
  • All the burners are made of stainless steel and probably the only good quality component in this grill are the stainless steel burners and
  • the porcelain coated cooking grate and warming rack.
  • The electronic ignition is nothing special considering the fact that most grills come with them.

Other things you can expect from this Char Broil is the grease tray which actually works quite well and saves you a lot of headache trying to clean it.

Probably the only good thing that you like with this grill is that it cooks well, the burners are well placed and are hot enough to grill even if you have the whole cooking grate filled with food.

My Final Verdict

Yes, this grill is no doubt cheap but it comes at a price. I have a few friends who were users of this grill and all of them started complaining later on that rust starts to affect almost every part of this grill. One tried to salvage it by paying close to the amount of the grill he purchased himself and one day he decided that it just wasn’t worth it anymore.

Frankly, this grill isn’t worth your money and you should never jump head-on to get a gas grill before finding out why it is so cheap. No doubt for the Char Broil 4 Burner, it is due to the cheap materials and thin pieces of metal holding it together.

I have a few suggestions for you if you want something better…

For a price of $300 (almost equivalent to this gas grill), you might as well consider other gas grills like

If you want something of a good size, the Weber Q-300 is a good pick.

Otherwise, if you feel like browsing and finding out more about this Char Broil Four Burner Gas grill, click More Information to find out more…