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The Broil King Porta-chef S portable gas grill is probably one of Broil king’s best product. This is perfect for those who want to bring a powerful gas grill to camping trips or tailgating but not one that is too heavy that will break your back. You should also know that this gas grill is not the most portable gas grill around as it does carry a bit of weight even when it is call a portable gas grill.


Broil King porta-chef S portable gas grill

Broil King porta-chef S portable gas grill


So you might be wondering why a portable grill can be so heavy?

Well, for starters, this model is not your cheap thin metal constructed portable grill like some other grills on the market. It is tough looking and sturdy looking to last a while. It is heavy but NOT VERY HEAVY. It is still within the weight range of other portable grills in the market.

Is it easy to setup?

It is also really easy to use and setup. You’ll be pleased to know that this is a porcelain enameled cooking grill. So expect, good heat efficiency and searing grill marks on your steaks and chicken fillets! It also heats up really quick so be careful not to burn you food.

The only thing you need to be aware is that this grill uses a single long burner to heat the entire cooking area. So if that burner fails, it won’t work.

So What Else In Terms Of Features?

For those who are considering portable gas grills, I can assure you the Porta-Chef S Grill’s features will be pleasing to your ears. Here are some of them:

  • Predominantly stainless steel construction with the exception of the cooking grid and the side shelf
  • Cooking grid is porcelain coated
  • Side shelf is made of resin
  • Sturdy construction to give you peace of mind while cooking.
  • Total Output of 12,000 BTU for a very enjoyably grilling and searing experience in the outdoors!
  • Large 244 square inch of cooking space.
  • Broil King’s popular Linear Flow Valve system
  • Built-in Accu-Temp™ Thermometer
  • Sure-Lite™ ignition system

What I Like About This Grill

1. Cooks Fast and Real Hot!

With 12,000 BTUs of total output, the Porta-Chef S certainly kills it! It really grills your meat to perfection and gives that delightful looking seared marks in your steak. Be careful of the Porta-Chef S, it definitely gets hot real quick and is also very efficient suprisingly. The grill lid closes well and traps heat. This ensures your meals cook fast but also you have got to be careful of getting them overcooked. The built-in temperature tells you when things get really hot quickly and I’ve tested its accuracy and I can say that this thing works damn well.

2. Sturdy Construction and Quality Materials

Like I said earlier, the Porta-Chef is portable but still on the heavy side. But I can tell you, this thing is solid looking. The stainless steel look not only gives it a professional look but together with its 4 legs, you wouldn’t even think that it is a portable grill but in fact it is. Curious about the weight? It is about 22 pounds. As for the materials, if you’ve read through the features it is made of mostly stainless steel but it is certainly not those that is thick and heavy otherwise you wouldn’t call it a portable gas grill anymore.


What I Think Could Be Done To Improve It

1. Make It Lighter

The reason why the Weber Q100 is still my favourite portable grill is because it is lightweight, grills well and is great looking. I think Broil King should think of making this grill lighter. I’m not sure what can be done, although I do think that you sacrifice that part for a quality portable grill.

2. A Sideburner Perhaps?

The Porta-Chef S comes with a single sideburner which is a good thing to cook but the only problem is, I cannot have one part of my grill where it can grill just a bit slower. A sideburner would be a good addition to this model in my opinion.

Well, that is what I can think of for now.

Want to know more about this grill, see below!