Char-Broil Gas Grill

Char Broil gas grills have a huge range of gas grills and what particularly stands out about them is their Infrared Gas grill models. Most other brands including Weber does not have any infrared gas grills. You might think that this is all just a marketing gimmick but in reality infrared gas grills cooks really well and gives that real crisp and seared taste ensuring a juicy and delightful tasty grilled meal.

There are quite a huge range of Char Broil gas grills on the market and the most popular Char Broil gas grills are the Infrared Models but there are also other models available.

  • Infrared Gas Grills
  • Grill 2Go ICE Portable Gas Grill
  • Grill 2Go Portable Gas Grill
  • Patio Bistro Infrared Gas Grills
  • Traditional Gas Grills – includes char-broil 2-burner models, 4-burner models, 6-burner models, 3-burner models, models with sideburners

For the traditional gas grill models you can start by looking at the Char-Broil gas grill category to begin your search.

We realize that there are more available models in the market, and we will strive to add more.

Our bestselling Char-Broil models are shown below:


These are some feedback received from satisfied customers:

  • “Very well designed and manufactured. Good fit and finish. Sturdy, solid grill. The infrared is a completely unique cooking technique that works and works well. The top, front door, grates, burners and infrared emmiters and hardware are all stainless steel. Seems to use less propane than conventional gas grill. Temp gauges seem to be accurate and solid. Allows you to burn woodchips or natural wood charcoal directly on the grates its amazing and soo easy to do!!”
  • “Infrared: By far, the most important thing! It’s not all “marketing hype”, it truly makes a huge difference! IR will sear the outside of the food and ”trap” the juices inside, making EVERYTHING more juicy than you can even imagine!”


Feedback from satisfied customers who bought this grill:

  • “Bought this for tailgating and it is perfect! It fits into the back of my 4-runner very nicely and common sense would tell you that if the two ice chests are full of ice and beverages that you would set them aside as you lift it in and out of a vehicle.”
  • “The grill does a bang up job with burgers and hot dogs – that is, tailgating food (at least for us). Plus, because of all the mirrors and giant drip plate (above the burner) the burner is not exposed to grease and other drippings. So, your burner stays cleaner and efficient than other grills. Before this grill, we used a Weber Baby Q, and the clogging in the burner was unavoidable and terribly frustrating over time – I don’t think we’ll have that problem with this grill.”
  • “Not only is the new Grill2Go Ice a modern infrared update to the original Coleman/Thermos/CharBroil Grill2Go Fire & Ice, but it’s actually in a new category of it’s own!”

Feedback From Satisfied Customers:

  • “This is a great grill for the price. Large enough to accommodate a large BBQ and is very well constructed. For $379 and free shipping, not a better deal out there. I have used it quite alot and it does a great job of cooking evenly and has very little flareups.”
  • “You can’t beat the quality and price. Sure, you could buy a Weber or some other brand and get it for 800+ and a quarter of the size. This will last me 5 to 6 years and then I will buy another like it. In this case bigger is better and cheaper is too. Great Q and I can cook as much food as I need or want too.”


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