weber spirit sp-320 gas grill

Top Weber Spirit Gas Grills

by admin on July 2, 2011

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For many years, Weber has been one of the top manufacturers of the best gas grills that are available on the market. If you are looking to purchase Weber Spirits gas grills, you should continuing reading as this article will cover the top 5 Weber Spirit Gas Grills.

weber spirit sp320 gas grill

weber spirit sp320 gas grill



1. Weber Spirit SP-320 – The best of the line of Weber Spirit gas grills is the SP-320. This model of the Weber Spirit gas grills is very similar to the E-320; however, it features stainless steel body parts and rod cooking grates that are also stainless steel. It has a single 12,000 burner, and it is sold for $699.

weber e-210 gas grill

weber e-210 gas grill


2. Weber Spirit E-210 – This is the smallest and the least expensive of all the Weber Spirit gas grills. It features 350 square inches of cooking space, and two gas grill burners. This grill has everything that you can expect from Weber such as a good design, good support, Weber warranty and durability.

3. Weber Spirit E-320 – The Weber Spirit E-320 is identical to the E-310, the only difference is that the E-320 has a single 12,000 BTU side burner that is located beneath a flush mounted cover. There are quite a few persons who do not use side burners on their gas grills; however, if you make use of side burners, you will find the one of the E-320 beneficial. The side burner increases the total price of the E-320 by $50; hence, this gas grill is sold for $649.

4. Weber Spirit SP-310 – This is one of the best Weber Spirit gas grills, and it is the deluxe version of the E-310. In addition to the three burners, this grill features body parts that are stainless steel and rod cooking grates that are also stainless steel. The SP-310 is sold for the same price as the E-320, which is $649.

5.  Weber Spirit E-310 – The last of the top 5 Weber Spirit gas grills for 2011 is the Weber Spirit E-310. This grill is sold for $599, features three burners and 424 square inches of grilling space. Not only do you have more room to grill, but you also have more versatility with the additional burner.

The Weber Spirit gas grills are the only gas grills available on the market that have burners that are parallel to the front of the grill. This may seem confusing to some customers; however, this feature makes the top Weber Spirit gas grills the best rotisserie grills that money can buy. This is primarily due to the fact that back and front burners run the length of the spit.



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