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Gas Grill Buying Guide – Know Your Burners, Starters, and The Desired Temperature You Want

by admin on September 14, 2011

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Before you continue reading this, I do suggest reading something about our gas grill buying guide as this article is an article which is actually a continuation of it.

weber spirit e-210

weber spirit e-210

Here in this article we are going to talk about a few more things mainly to do with:

  • Burners
  • Starter/Igniter
  • Temperature


When you buy a gas grill, you will notice that there are many parts to it and one of them is the burners. Different gas grills come with different amount of burners. The important thing to look at in a gas burner is to look into the materials used to make it. Stainless steel and brass burners are the best. Burners made of aluminum or cast iron don’t last long. Burners also come with heat diffusers to prevent grease and oil from dripping into the burners directly. Some heat diffusers are made of metal parts while some are made of lava or ceramic rocks. Generally it is better to go for those made of lava or ceramic rocks but they can be expensive to replace. On the other hand, metals diffusers will rust over time

Another thing to look at is to check out the orientation of the burners. Some burners are designed to run from front to back while some are made to go from left to right. Gas burners that are setup with burners that run from front to back are easier to have different heating zones. This is important especially if you are cooking different types. You can even use it for indirect cooking as well.


This is another important part that most people won’t pay too much attention. Generally speaking, there are a few types of starters. The most common type these days are electronic starters. Some use a button to generate a spark. There are some gas grills that come with manual ignition despite having an electronic ignition already. It is better to get a manual “failsave” just in case the electronic starter gives up on you when you most need to use your gas grill.


Not all gas grills are made the same way. So you cannot assume that the max temperatures are the same. Different types of food require different temperatures to ensure that it taste good. Most gas grills have difficulty reaching 700F. Infrared gas grills are more likely able to reach these temperatures simply because of the way it is designed. Higher temperatures are generally better for cooking steaks*. The best temperature is one that has the ability to cook to the desired doneness in the shortest time possible without burning the surface. You don’t need to buy an infrared grill as there are many conventional gas grills that are able to reach high enough temperatures to give you a really nice juicy piece of steak.

Therefore, if you are unsure about the max temperatures you have to ask.

*If you are cooking chicken, then a temperature of about 165 degrees would suffice.

If you haven’t considered the above things yet, then I suggest you add this to your list of things to consider before buying a gas grill.

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