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The Weber Genesis S-330 gas grill is the stainless steel version of the Weber Genesis E-330 model but the latter sells about a hundred dollar less.

So is this a better model?

Well you can say that. But you do pay quite a bit for this model. In fact this one can cost up to $1099 if you buy it at full price. But you get to save a lot if you know where to look at. The point is not the money you are paying for this grill but rather the significant improvements you get with this model.


weber genesis s-330

weber genesis s-330


So let us have a look below at some of the key features:

Being made of stainless steel makes it more durable and longer lasting. You don’t get cheap stainless steels in this grill although some parts of this grill have mixed cast aluminum and stainless steel but still you will not be disappointed by the construction and the sturdiness of this grill. This model brings quite a big improvement in terms of heat efficiency and quality. Besides the great features you get with this model you will get all the support from Weber.

You get

  • Heavy-walled, three-burner gas grills; each of them made of stainless steel
  • Constructed of a combination of Cast Aluminum and Stainless steel(304 and 430) materials.
  • A 12,000 BTU sideburner
  • 10,000 BTU internally mounted sear burner.
  • Max output of 38,000 from its main burners
  • 637 sq inches total cooking space
  • Stainless steel rod cooking grates
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Dual layer hood with double vaporization system to improve heat retention.

What I Like About the Weber Genesis S-330

The Best Gas Grill At Its Package and Price

Honestly, I haven’t come across a better design grill than the Genesis S-330 gas grill. It is quite simply a great grill for the size, price and package. In fact, Weber has made quite significant improvements with the way burners are arranged and the quality of materials used makes it very durable. I can crank it to high heat and it heats evenly on every square inch. For those who know a little bit about heat output, 38 000 BTUs isn’t a lot from a gas grill of this size. In fact, it is quite low but Weber has come up with a very heat efficient design to prevent heat from escaping while trapping enough to ensure a great grilling experience. The three main burners are the one powering the Genesis S-330. Having said that, it does take a bit longer to heat up compared to other grills of this size but you can still get great searing heat from its sear burners.

Weber has also made this grill for indirect cooking. At the price and package, this gas grill is great for cooking directly and indirectly without wasting too much fuel.

The design also reduces flare ups and grease built up too. At least I don’t have to worry too much about cleaning it too often :S

The materials used here also allow it to last a much longer time. Although there are mixed grades of stainless steel and aluminum it definitely outlast most other gas grills in the market including its cheaper Weber Spirit models. However, compared to its non-stainless steel version, the Weber Genesis E-330, there won’t be any difference in lifespan and cooking quality.

What Customers Think

Here are some customers’ comments on the Weber Genesis S-330 gas grill.

“This gas grill amazes me. It heats up fast and the sear station is excellent. I don’t think I’ve ever got this with my old Char Broil.  I cooked filet mignon to the perfect medium rare that I could ever get in my whole grilling experience with the Genesis S-330. If you don’t know where to spend your money for a good grill, spend it on this!


“I am very pleased with it so far. I have cooked on this about 10 times. It gets hot real quickly. It also cooks pretty evenly from front to back. The back half is a little hotter. Kind of like this though. This allows me to cook all sorts of food with different heat intensity on it.”

My Verdict

I seriously think that this is an awesome grill. If you have the funds and really don’t know where to spend it, this is the grill that should be on top of the list. Ok, enough babbling further…

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